UV Screen Printing


UV Screen Printing:

Contract Labeling Service provides direct UV screen printing bottle decoration to bottles and jars of all sizes. Direct UV printing is the process of applying UV inks directly to the surface of a bottle and cured using ultraviolet light. The label design is imprinted into the plastic. The label design can give an amazing look and benefits include perfect registration and labels that can not be torn, scuffed, wrinkled, or soaked off the bottle surface.

At Contract Labeling Service we offer multi-color decorating using UV printing. This gives the client the option for 350 degree wrap around designs. Direct UV screen printing is an excellent choice for bottle or jar decoration because it offers more flexibility than the traditional paper labels or pressure sensitive labels offer. UV printing is also cost competitive with all other labeling applications and decorating with UV ink does not have a carbon footprint, enabling the package to be 100% recyclable.

With UV printing at Contract Labeling Service we have the ability to directly print multiple colors at high speed onto plastic beverage bottles and drinkware, packaging for cosmetics, perfume and personal care products. The inks we use have high adhesion and are scratch and water resistance. We understand that many products need this resistance. For example, cosmetic containers need resistance to alcohol and essential oils and drinking ware needs resistance to dishwashing.

Types of UV Screen Printing:

Bottle Labeling

One of the most popular labeling methods, Pressure Sensitive labels, are an excellent choice for almost any product, and work especially well on contoured and squeezable bottles. Pressure sensitive labels are an optimal choice for bottles of products in the food, beverage, wine and spirits, household chemicals, and automotive industries. Pressure sensitive label application can also offer products a high end “no label look.”

Jar Labeling

Pressure sensitive label application to jars provides an eye catching and visually appealing product. Jar labels are exposed to a variety of temperatures and must perform impeccably from application throughout the supply chain to the consumer’s home. Jars have complex geometry including tapered sidewalls.  Selecting PS label application from Contract Labeling is selecting a vendor aware of the challenges and capable of eliminating the issues associated with labeling jars.

Tube Labeling

Squeezable packaging is quickly gaining popularity due to the ease and convenience of dispensing the contents. This packaging relies on the ability of the pressure sensitive label to flex with the package while maintaining its integrity. Pressure sensitive label application is the ideal application for squeezable products. The use of PS tube labels is on the rise due to lead times required for preprinted tubes and the limitations of colors and designs. At Contract Labeling Service we have experience in PS label application of tubes and understand they are the ultimate combination of aesthetics, application and on-package performance.

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