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Pressure sensitive labels are one of the most popular methods to label beer bottles. They are self-adhesive and compatible with almost any container material, shape or product type. At Contract Labeling, we label your beer bottles using a pressure sensitive label application that is easy and can be done with a low entry quantity. Using pressure sensitive labels we can produce eye-catching beer bottles.

Pressure sensitive labeling of your beer bottle provides a stunning visual impact. Pressure sensitive technology provides the kind of visual impact other label technologies cannot, such as dynamic label shapes or a crystal clear “no label” look. (PS) labels have adhesive on one side and are applied directly to the container. Because the labels are preprinted flat, they have excellent resolution and color.  A screen printed look is achieved through screen printing ink onto clear labels.

Some benefits of pressure sensitive labeling for your craft beer bottle:

  • Superior look provides product quality.
  • Modern look replaces old-fashioned wet glue labels.
  • PS label application is a cleaner process without traces of glue to be found on the bottle.
  • Resistant and durable even in ice, water, and direct sunlight.
  • No restrictions or limits to label design.

At Contract Labeling Service we use state-of-the-art equipment to label neck and wrap neck, front, and back in a single pass.  Our sophisticated machinery can register the labels to apply between the seams of the glass and maintain registration position to one another.  Every beer bottle can be made more appealing with a pressure sensitive label.

Make your beer stand out and have it labeled by Contract Labeling Service today.

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