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At Contract Labeling Service, we make your life easier by providing you with complete labeling services so that you can create beautiful packaging that sells. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and are committed to helping you with your labeling project from start to finish. Our highly skilled staff will provide expert labeling solutions for whatever project you bring them, efficient project management, and helpful technical support services.

Shrink Labeling and Shrink PackagingShrink labeling has become a major marketing tool in many different packaging categories. In 2016 we added full body shrink labeling using steam heat.  This allows complete bottle coverage through the use of a single label. Our commitment to creating beautiful packaging by investing in precision equipment and conducting thorough training to create a highly skilled staff is the reason we are the “go-to” resource for package decoration on the West Coast.

Why choose Contract Labeling

  • Fixed price for estimating, forecasting and profit.
  • Conveniently located in southern California for economical pick up and delivery
  • Eliminate the need for equipment purchase.
  • Eliminate the need to train and supervise employees. We do all the work.
  • In-house tooling to cover most container sizes.
  • Increased productivity by 10-35% by decorating pre-fill versus post-fill.
  • Quality control at every level. ISO 9001: 2008 certified.
  • Cloud-based inventory and production reports with real-time feedback.
  • Shrink expertise for future projects including mock-ups, samples, and advice.

Shrink Sleeve Label Packaging

Shrink labels can be an effective marketing tool. They are durable and perfect for products that encounter moisture or friction. Contract Labeling Service can help you find innovative ways to market your product using state of the art equipment to label your packages that are best suited for sleeve label packaging. From design to printing to manufacture, our full-service shrink label packaging experts can meet your labeling project needs.

Benefits of shrink-packaging

Shrink packaging offers a versatile, cost-effective packaging solution for several reasons.

  • The materials used are strong, yet flexible, and provide effective protection while making the product tamper-proof.
  • Shrink packaging is transparent, making its clear surface suitable for retail and wholesale display, and ideal for general marketing purposes.
  • Shrink packaging is an ideal low-cost option and relatively inexpensive packaging solution for your product.

Stretch Sleeves

Stretch Sleeves are ready-to-use labels that are stretched and then applied to the container without the use of adhesives or heat. The natural elasticity of the material is all that is required to hold them in place.

Stretch sleeves are beautiful, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient; using stretch sleeves can save up to 50% compared to standard shrink technology. The low-density materials used, go further which is why its carbon footprint is said to be four times smaller than that of the average shrink sleeve. Additionally, new technology allows application to bottles that could only be labeled with other label types in the past.

Shrink Packaging

Shrink packaging is the process in which sheets of transparent plastic film are wrapped around a product to form a solid, weather-resistant packaging layer. It typically refers to plastic films that have been pre-heated, stretched, and then cooled prior to use, creating flat sheets of plastic film.


Shrink wrap is a packaging process used to wrap products in a special type of plastic film. When these shrink packaging films are then applied to a product and re-heated, the plastic film begins to shrink and wrap itself around the shape and form of the product. Most bottles, cans, cartons, and boxes are ideal for shrink wrapping. It is also possible to shrink wrap many other sorts of products. This type of packaging has several advantages:

  • Product protection
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Less use of raw material per pack
  • Product visibility


While shrink wrap is applied loosely around products, stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film used to wrap product and keep them tightly bound. In this case, the plastic is not re-heated, only stretched around the product.

Contract Labeling Expert Packaging Services

All of our contract packaging services are designed to deliver to our customers the advantage of efficiency, ease, and speed to market.

  • Fully automatic and hand applied shrink sleeve labeling
  • High-elasticity stretch sleeve labeling
  • Pressure-sensitive labeling
  • Conditioned storage – a must-have for shrink sleeve labels
  • Point-of-purchase display assembly and fulfillment
  • Repackaging
  • Side seal / L-bar seal
  • Manual and automated assembly
  • Multi-packing
  • Re-labeling
  • Club store bundling
  • Fulfillment
  • Inspection

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