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"We have been using Contract Labeling Service for over 4 years now, I could not be more pleased with the level of quality, as well as the outstanding customer service we continue to receive on a regular basis."

"...our bottles came out fantastic. Thanks so much Contract Labeling for a job well done!"

"We just received our tubes back from (Contract Labeling) today, the attention to detail and quality was outstanding. We will definitely be using you guys for our next run."

"I really appreciate you guys turning our order around so quickly, it allowed us to avoid a long-term stock-out situation. I wish all of our vendors were as easy to work with as you guys, i would certainly have fewer gray hairs..."

Welcome to Contract Labeling Service, the solution to decorate bottles, tubes and jars. CLS decorates a range of products for companies within the beverage, cosmetic, health, industrial, natural products, and nutraceutical industries. Our experienced personnel demand attention-to-detail and our automated equipment provides both top quality and rapid delivery.

Contract Labeling Service was founded in 1991. Since then we have been committed to continuous improvement through investment in state of the art machinery and ongoing employee training. Our large production facility and warehouse in Ontario, California is located adjacent to many container manufacturers and makes shipping inexpensive and easy.

Today, our service is well known in southern California from Anaheim to Santa Clarita, and Oceanside to Lancaster. We are gaining recognition and business throughout California from Chula Vista to Redding, and San Francisco to Fresno. Now we are routinely serving customers throughout the western united states from Seattle WA to Las Vegas NV, Honolulu HI to Denver CO, and Phoenix AZ to Boise ID.

INTERNATIONAL: Increasingly we are working on projects with overseas vendor partners in Asia and Europe. Glass bottles arrive directly to us from Italy several times per year. BY AIR: Plastic pumps and caps travel from Hamburg Germany by air freight. Ontario International Airport is rapidly replacing LAX Los Angeles - International Airport as the air freight hub of southern California and the western United States. BY SEA: A wide array of injection molded plastic jars and blow molded plastic bottles are arriving at CLS through the Port of Los Angeles from overseas manufactures in China and throughout Asia.

Please contact us to discover how Contract Labeling Service is the right fit for your product decoration and your company's local, regional, or international supply chain.